Wedding cakes and treats

“We just came for the cake!” Not an uncommon thing to hear at a wedding… a joke of course (but is it?)

The wedding cake is a big part of most weddings… traditionally the wedding cake is made to bring good fortune to all the guests and the couple. It is served at the wedding reception and sits proudly on display until it is ceremonially cut by the couple.

Modern wedding cakes are usually a mud cake, rather than the ‘old school’ fruit cake. They now come in many different fun flavours!

Everyone has a ‘baker’ in the family, but make no mistake, unless that family member is a seasoned pro – we wouldn’t trust anyone but those below with our special occasion cakes…

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Cakes by Simone

Redland Bay

Simone specialises in mud cakes for weddings, that combine delicious flavours and stunning fresh or sugar flowers. Chocolate and white chocolate mud cakes are her expertise… covered in yummy ganache then decorated with chocolate chards, fondant or vanilla butter cream icing. Simone’s cakes are stunning to look at, but oh so affordable!

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Cakes by Paulie

Redland Bay

Paula has been designing and creating beautiful bespoke cakes for couples for more than 30 years. Nominated several times in the Wedding Industry Awards, she has been a finalist on four occasions and highly commended twice. Paula specialises in classical and contemporary wedding cakes and delights in bringing your ideas to life.

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