Redlands Coast Wedding Photographers

When it comes to capturing your special moments, we would only trust the best! So here are our recommendations for memory makers and artisans…

What should you look at when selecting your wedding photographer? The first thing is style… check out their portfolio. To clarify, you need to see more than just a few ‘hero’ photos. View a few blogs or ‘real weddings’ – this will show you how they capture the entire day, not just a couple of photos.

If you can, meet them in person. You will send a very large part of your day with your photographer, so you really need to enjoy each other’s company.

Budget: This is a biggie. A big price tag, doesn’t always mean the best – but it will certainly give you a good indication. We are going to say it… Bargain basement, should stay in the basement – especially when it comes to your priceless wedding photos.

Romana Saeheng Photography


Voted Brisbane’s Best Wedding Photographer 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023! Australia’s Best Wedding Photographer 2021 and 2nd best 2022. Romana shot her first wedding in 2000 when she was still at uni completing her Bachelor’s degree in Photography. Romana is so much fun, but still very professional. Her weakness is chocolate and anything edgy and creative!

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